Reactor Rubber Medicine Ball (20 lb - Gold)

Reactor Rubber Medicine Ball (20 lb - Gold)

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Reactor Rubber Medicine Ball (20 lb - Gold)

Make the most of this pre-season by incorporating this Reactor by Champion Barbell® Heavy Medicine Balls into your players training program. Instead of isolating just a few muscles, the medicine ball can be safely integrated into most exercises, so athletic trainers can easily develop a full-body conditioning routine for their players. Thanks to the heavy weight of the ball and free range of motion, athletes can train smarter, completing single-leg squats one day and lying chest tosses the next for a varied workout routine that engages every muscle.

  • Medicine balls can be integrated into nearly any fitness or exercise routine for a full-body workout

  • Allows users to target and activate a variety of muscle groups, including back, arms and abdominals

  • Heavyweight design is great for resistance training programs

  • Helps reduce the risk of injury and improve overall balance and strength

  • Available in a variety of weight options, each of which are designed in a distinct color for simple identification


  • Activity: Training, Weight Lifting, Weight Training

  • Brand: Reactor by Champion Barbell®

  • Quantity: 1

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