Heavyweight Sash Jump Rope (8')

Heavyweight Sash Jump Rope (8')

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Heavyweight Sash Jump Rope (8')

Ensure each student is equipped with a rope for aerobic activities during physical education class with the Heavyweight Sash Jump Rope. It's easy to keep children of all ages on track to a healthy lifestyle and physical fitness with this jump rope, which encourages students to have fun while exercising. Whether you're a coach or instructor of students in elementary or secondary school, you can provide students of different ages and heights with the proper-size jump rope thanks to the variety of available lengths.

  • Encourages students to have fun while exercising and developing large motor skills

  • Can be used in a variety of aerobic activities to promote a healthy lifestyle

  • Thick, jointed sash cord is heavy and durable enough to withstand impacts on indoor or outdoor surfaces

  • Well-shape hollow handles allow children to keep a firm grip on the rope

  • Available in multiple sizes to equip students of all ages


  • Activity: Jump Rope

  • Color: White, Brown

  • Color Family: White

  • Material: Rope

  • Weighted Handles: No

A great aerobic activity that helps to fight child obesity.

For players 4' 10" to 5' 3" tall.